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The Roster of Presenters 
for MEX2024!

MEX/PBX Speakers
Monday 2/19

The seminars on Monday February 19th are joint PBX/MEX seminars and are held in the PBX seminar room. These are open to all MEX & PBX Key Pass holders. On Tuesday, February 20th there are separate tracks focused specifically for MEX Key Pass holders (Held in the Showroom) and PBX Key Pass Holders (PBX seminar room). On Wednesday, February 21st the DJ track continues in the Showroom. Sponsored seminars and master classes for the Photo Boothers are available and the exhibits are open.

Scott Faver Returns As PBX MC and Tech Wizard

A lot of things have evolved throughout the last ten years to assure that PBX/MEX remains the Premier Event for event entertainment providers. One thing, however, was right from the beginning, and that was our choice of Scott Faver as the MC for the PBX seminars.  Ever since PBX#1,  Scott has been bringing his humor, positivity, enthusiasm and tech knowledge to PBX, and every year does just an amazing job of keeping the PBX seminars on track. It is a great pleasure and privilege to welcome Scott back for 2024.

Speakers For Monday, February 19

All first day seminars are held in the PBX seminar room.

Additional information on these presenters can be found HERE

  • Noon – Catalina Bloch
  • 1PM – Alan Berg
  • 2PM – Steve Bliesner
  • 3PM – Arif Rampuri
  • 4PM – Scott Kartsounes
  • 5PM – Jordan St. Jacques and Mike Márquez

MEX Speakers
Tuesday 2/20

Ken Cosco

MEX Showroom MC

Chief Entertainment Officer at A Touch Of Class DJs

Ken has been speaking to DJs since 1995. He was the very first speaker at the inaugural Mobile Beat Las Vegas DJ Conference in 1997 and a member of the DJ Dream Team. His energy is infectious, and we are honored to have him on the Showroom stage as the MEX Master of Ceremonies for 2024.

He has opened for C&C Music Factory, Tone Loc, Debbie Gibson, Chubby Checker, Lisa Lisa, Tiffany, Sugar Hill Gang, and many others. Ken has been the Spring Training DJ for The Boston Red Sox and currently operates fantasy casino nights for the New England Patriots’ charities.

Ken founded A Touch Of Class in 1989, and moved from Florida to Massachusetts in 1992. Within two years, Ken expanded into a multi-op, and by 2000 was managing nearly 400 events per year. Presently, A Touch Of Class performs at around 300 events annually. Ken and his team offer DJ entertainment, lighting, photo booths, photography, videography, fantasy casinos, artists, sporting activities/inflatables, and fun foods, for all types of events.

Russ Powell To Be The On Stage DJ at MEX

MEX is all about music and entertainment, so it’s only fitting that we announce that super fun and highly entertaining Russ Powell will be the onstage DJ for the Tuesday and Wednesday seminars. Russ will be hyping up the crowd and making sure everyone is wide awake for the day’s presentations. Russ’s years of experience is going to help make MEX 2024 unforgettable! Welcome to the team!

About Russ:

Raised by parents enchanted by classical compositions and the lively beats of big band, Russ’s early years would shape his destiny. At the tender age of three, he found himself swinging his arms to radio symphonies, pretend conducting with the child-like conviction. It was a foreshadowing of the passion that would guide him through a lifetime of music.

As Russ grew, so did his fascination with instruments, leading him to study the piano inspired by popular radio tunes and jazz beats. By the time he was a teenager, Russ fell in love with reggae and delved into songwriting, pouring his emotions and experiences into compositions.

Russ found himself drawn to the raw energy of alternative, punk, and ska. Embracing the counterculture, he joined an alt-rock band, infusing his reggae roots with the edgy rock. The stage is where he captivated audiences with his magnetic presence and eclectic fusion of genres.
However, it was in the realm of DJing that Russ truly found his calling. He honed his craft, seamlessly blending genres and eras to create an immersive sonic experience. His ability to read the room and curate the perfect musical journey earned him a reputation as a maestro of the dance floor.

Armed with over 15 years of experience as a DJ and master of ceremonies, In the world of Russ Powell, music is not just a profession; it’s a lifelong love affair, an ever-evolving symphony that continues to captivate hearts and minds, one beat at a time.

"Overcoming Sales Objections" - Ben Herman

Tuesday 2/20 — 9AM

As entrepreneurs in the DJ and Events industry, we should love the sales process. So why do so many folks hate it? Maybe because they see it as a nerve wracking chore that can be uncomfortable at times. But Ben Herman describes to us that we should “Serve, not Sell!”

People love to buy; they dislike being sold to.

Ben breaks down when a successful sales process actually begins, how to nurture prospective clients and the 3 most common objections that can be handled with ease once we shift our focus from selling to serving.

About Ben: Ben Herman is a passionate entrepreneur whose love for the DJ industry began at the young age of 13. He started his own DJ business in his junior year of high school and has since worked with some big names in the industry, including Will Smith, Too Short, E40, Clinton Sparks, Paul Wall, Mims, Red Man, and Method Man of the Wutang Clan. Ben’s DJ business has become one of the most established and top-rated DJ entertainment companies in Northern California, and he was even voted the Best DJ of the North-West Coast.

In November of 2022, Herman launched ProfitableDJ to help Mobile DJs grow their business to achieve time and financial freedom. Just two months later, in January 2023, he launched ProfitFlo, a software that empowers businesses to run their entire operation with the power of automation. As his businesses continue to grow, Ben’s main focus is on mentoring and empowering others to achieve similar results through speaking engagements and mentorship programs.


Sean McKee, Mike Walter & John Rozz

MEX welcomes back to the Showroom Stage MEX Hall Of Fame member Sean “Big Daddy” McKee, Mike Walter and John Rozz.

“Mastering the School Dance in 2024!” - Chris Washburn

Tuesday 2/20 — 10AM


Attention spans of students are getting even shorter and the need for instant gratification is only increasing.  And there have never been more ways people discover and consume music than today. Add all that up and it means being an elite level high school and college event DJ is very challenging!
The Washburn Entertainment team excels in the school dance scene and are able to charge well above their market average because they know how to optimize value and connection. DJ Washburn will share his secrets and tips that will help you understand how students perceive music, dancing, the term “DJ”, and what really makes them happy. He’ll give very detailed examples of song selection, mixing techniques, mindset, marketing, and how to avoid and recover quickly from mistakes. There will be lots of easy to implement takeaways throughout.
The content will be mostly focused on the performance side that is perfect for small to mid size markets and the average American school dance. It won’t be promoting huge systems, trussing, video walls, or other materialistic things, for huge markets that only a small percentage of schools in the country can handle.
Even if you are a wedding DJ only, this is very important content as these students will be your main clientele in a few years. Understanding how to satisfy them will be essential for maximizing your future wedding success and your current school dances.
About Chris: Chris is a proud Korean American Adoptee as well as passionate superhero fan nerd that loves Céline Dion, Korean Barbecue, Comic Cons, Golden Retrievers and when his cats nap on his chest. He won 16 intramural championships while attending Ithaca College in an array of sports, including table tennis, flag football softball, and coed volleyball. He also holds the course record for two different mini golf establishments. Speaking of winning, Chris is also a notable player in the high stakes poker world as he regularly plays on some of the world’s most popular televised poker shows. Washburn also thrives on being a keynote speaker, a business coach, and crypto investor. Things Chris despises are inauthenticity, conversational narcissists, tofu, and snakes. If you wanna know more about his DJ career, there’s plenty of content and press kit material on his social media and only fans. Or you can Google or ask ChatGPT.

"Mastering Mitzvahs" — Howard Wallach

Tuesday 2/20 — 11AM

There’s a lot of money to be made by Mobile Entertainers who understand the finer points of mitzvahs. Sharing useable information and inspiration WITH IMPACT is Howard Wallach’s pleasure. You’ll learn how to take charge with energizing tips for marketing to Jewish families, how to manage client expectations, and how to create the perfect party agenda. Howard will also be explaining how to scout & train your interactive team—all with the goal of adding value at every event with great results.

About Howard: Howard Wallach, CGSP® Motivational Speaker / Educator began by wowing families as a bar mitzvah party DJ and has become one of the most polished and professional traveling entertainers for corporate events and meetings. This “Top Dawg” has trained and coached his team to consistently deliver outstanding interactive experiences. 2020 Became a Certified Guest Service Professional®

Energy is Energy . . . it never lies… Do more of what makes you happy

MC & Mic Technique - Fernando Gonzalez

Tuesday 2/20 — 1PM

Radio Host and DJ , Fernando G will be bringing his years of experience behind the microphone to help you take your MC & Mic technique to the next level. With exercises that will help speak and project your voice clearly at any event. Plus, he will guide you to use these skills to help you close more business.

Highway Radio (The Voice of Vegas) and Vibe 99. 7 (along with their multiple related stations) has been a valued sponsor of MEX so we are excited to announce they are extending and expanding their support in 2024. Fernando G, Marketing I Promotions director and one of their lead DJs will be presenting to you tips on “Strengthening Your MC & MIC Technique”. When you are not in the Vegas area you can also catch the streams of all their stations at


DJ-ing outside of the box!

 12-noon – 1pm – Tuesday & Wednesday

Come by Tuesday and Wednesday to see the past present and future of technology for DJ’s and Event Production!

DAS Audio’s VP of Sales (MI/Retail) is not your average sales guy, Darrin “B-SIDE” Young is an industry veteran who has won several awards for his patented audio designs, will be hosting a workshop and demo of the latest technology to hit the market. See how technology like Phase DJ, DAS ControlTM, Crate Hackers * Serato Stems are changing the game. Plus, Jay Murch, VP of Success at Vibo, will share how the technology aids in better understanding today’s clients on the front end, and assists in delivering on their vision on the backend. Oh, and there’s free pizza too, while supplies last.

~~~ / @DASaudioUSA +  /  @vibodj  ~~~

"Go Beyond Entertaining and Craft Experiences” - Your Client’s Experience and Why It Matters - Bill Hermann

Tuesday 2/20 — 2PM

Today’s couples want more than just services, they value and buy experiences. Pulling from his well of thousands of weddings, Bill will inspire you to look at what you do in a way that will leave your clientele “Moved, Touched and Inspired”. By being more than just entertaining, you’ll leave them moved in a way they’ve never experienced, so they’ll be raving about you and your service for years to come.

About Bill: Bill Hermann has been an industry leader for over 20 years and has spoken at Disc Jockey News Conferences, Mobile Beat Las Vegas, M.E.X. Las Vegas, Midwest DJs Live, the CDJ Conference in Toronto, Canada, the DJAA Conference in Sydney, Australia and the Pro Mobile Conference in the United Kingdom. He has also penned articles for many industry publications and served on several leading industry association advisory boards. Bill is the owner and sole performer at Bill Hermann Entertainment, and creator and co-founder of The Entertainment Experience, an international performance training company that trains and coaches DJ/MC’s, performers and event producers in the art and skill of “Experience Design”  and delivering an authentic performance in the U.S., U.K., Canada, an Australia.
Bill is a veteran of the entertainment industry who continues to train as a stage, film, commercial and a voice over actor. Bill has also had the good fortune to work on his craft as an improvisational comic, a singer, a character print model, a radio personality, a professional speaker a mobile DJ and now a teacher, coach and trainer. Bill has also been featured over the years in DJ Times, Mobile Beat Magazine, Pro-Mobile, Disc Jockey News, Women Inc. Magazine, Inc. Magazine, St. Paul Pioneer Press, Minneapolis, The Star Tribune and on ABC & CBS, KARE 11 TV, KSTP TV, WCCO TV, WCCO Radio, KSTP Radio, KTMY – MY Talk 107.1, KOOL 108, KDWB.

Check out this video from Bill’s Creative License podcasts


"Embracing Life's Resilient Beat - Lyrics To Live Life By" — Mitch Taylor

Tuesday 2/20 — 3PM

Music is the lifeblood of the artistry of the DJ.  Lyrics are the lifeblood of the artistry of the songwriter.  What happens when you realize that YOU can learn the life lesson the lyrics are trying to impart?  ANSWER:  Your LIFE changes.

In this keynote, Author and International Speaker Mitch Taylor will break down some of our most well known iconic songs and share the meaning behind the lyrics and the lessons they have imparted on his (and now your) life.

We all have a song that somehow stamped our lives, that takes us to another place and time.  What is that for you?  What are the lessons you can learn both behind the music from the songwriters and artists themselves, what wisdom can you glean by just letting the music permeate your soul and apply the lyrics to your everyday life?  Join Mitch Tuesday for this eye opening talk that will have you listening to the songs you play in a whole different light than ever before – one that truly can give you Lyrics To Live Life By.


  • Get out of the hustle and bustle of Vegas and transport them back to moments that helped shape their lives
  • Give you the opportunity to ACT on impacting your or someone else’s life in the future
  • Provide you with a fresh perspective on the songs you may play or hear every weekend.
  • Inspiration and connection through different lyrics to address whatever situation you have going on in your life
  • Action steps from the lyrics to help you conquer your fears or take charge of what is holding you back in your business or personal life.

About Mitch: Mitch Taylor is an internationally known Author, Speaker & Coach and has impacted thousands over the course of his 25 plus year career, through interactive workshop instruction, mentoring, educational podcasts, & personal coaching. He’s also the author of the book SALES 4 Event Pros and Lyrics To Live Life By, and the soon to be released Lyrics To Live Life By – Volume 2.  Finally, Mitch has released a program where you can HIRE HIM to do your SALES for you.  Intrigued on any of the above?  You can find Mitch and more info about each of these at


MIXOLOGY (Monetizing the Talent of a DJ for Wedding Events) – John Roach & Rich Cranston

Tuesday 2/20 — 4PM

The Private Event DJ Community remains split on whether a DJ’s ability to beat-mix, quick-mix, and remix, matters at weddings and other private events. For every great social post or YT video that supports the practice, there’s a comment section full of doubters and dissenters. John and Rich are hear to tell you that it does matter, in a very real, and financial, way. Bring your arguments against, but they hope to have you walking out of the presentation rethinking the way you value your own talent.

About John & Rich: Rich started Encore Events, a 16-Unit Multi-Op DJ company, in 1998. John  has been the General Manager for Encore since 2005. Encore Consulting is the 
evolution of their event entertainment business. 25 years in this space has provided them with a PhD-level education in 
building an event business that will last. Two huge revelations in their business education 
were: “You Succeed when Your Friends Succeed” and “Mentors are Critical”. When 
knowledge is gained from professionals who have already been where you want to go, the 
road is so much easier to navigate. These principles are the driving force of Encore 
Since its inception, Encore Consulting has delivered seminars at Wedding MBA, Mobile 
Beat, MEX, The DJ Collective (as of Nov 2023) as well as hosting countless DJ roundtable trainings. 
During the Pandemic, they launched a DJ Industry Podcast and YouTube show 
called the Real DJ Show, which has featured some very prominent names in the 
industry including Joe Bunn and Nick Spinelli.

Mitch Taylor

MEX Speakers
Wednesday 2/21

Not How, But Why? DJ Lighting - Daryl Bennett

Wednesday 2/21 — 9AM

By having a strong sense of why we’re doing lighting, we can do so more effectively and efficiently-Everybody’s “why”may vary and that’s ok —We can save money and make more money by knowing our why. Learning lighting fundamentals can be difficult, but once we understand why we use lighting, we can make more deliberate lighting fixture purchases, know which dmx software to use, and better upsell the experience to clients.

About Daryl:Daryl has been a live performer for over a decade and has been running a DJ company for the past 6 years. He has combined his fascination with lighting & production with his engineering background and spent many hours tinkering and refining his craft withprogramming lights. He’s recently created content on YouTube. Check out this sample from his You Tube Channel that focuses on gear reviews of lights, DMX tutorials, and gig logs talking about lighting strategies.


"Standing Out From The Crowd" — Rob Peters

Wednesday 2/21 — 10AM

The majority of DJs and Mobile Entertainers offer services for a variety of of events, and it’s getting harder to stand out in the eyes of a prospective client. In this seminar, Rob Peters will show you how to present and provide specialized services and be profitable in today’s changing marketplace!

Rob will share how target marketing and branding—with a focus on specific, specialized services—have helped him earn more profits and more referrals for these services. Rob will also talk about how to develop these service offerings from your current DJ business.

Some of the concepts Rob will share in this seminar include:

  • Focusing your marketing on specific services
  • Creating a specific “brand” for each specialty
  • How networking with your current contact and clients can play a role
  • Soda company branding methods and how they can apply to marketing your services more effectively

About Rob: For over 30 years, Rob Peters of Rob Peters Entertainment in Massachusetts has developed services and branded his services to appeal to specific audiences and client bases for unique and fun services. Having a targeted approach to his business, Rob’s companies survived COVID and has been recognized in the marketplace for Trivia, Game Shows and Corporate Entertainment, RPE also has previous success with kids entertainment with specialized emphasis in the day care industry.


"Lessons From My 35 Years as a Mobile DJ" — Mike Walter

Wednesday 2/21 — 11AM

Mike began his career at the very successful multi-op, Star DJs, and then went on to own and operate Elite Entertainment. He’s experienced a lot and in this seminar he will be sharing some tips about sales and marketing, training and managing talent, and staying relevant to have a decades-long career in the business.

About Mike: For over 30 years, Mike has MCed events from weddings to fashion shows and beauty pageants and his public speaking experience and acumen have served him well as a presenter.

He began offering seminars in 1998, at first to the DJ Industry, then expanding to event groups and finally to any and all audiences. His seminars are known for their fast pace, mix of information and entertainment and deft use of Keynote. Whether he is offering life changing advice, motivational challenges or hard-core information on how to grow and expand your business, Mike promises he will deliver a quick, concise, and nugget-filled presentation every time he speaks.

Mike has published three books, Running Your Multi-Op which is widely consider the most comprehensive book for anyone interested in expanding their DJ business, The self-help primer, Ten Things You Can Do to Have a Better Day and the music history compendium: On This Date in Music. He’s also released a number of education videos to help his fellow DJs and business owners. In 2014 he partnered with Joe Bunn to start the PhDJ Workshop and in 2017 the two began a weekly podcast called the PhDJ Podcast.

For more information head to and


John Rozz

Wednesday 2/21 — 1PM

John Rozz always bring something new and different to the party. John’s company “Sound Spectrum Entertainment” has been an entertainment benchmark in Connecticut and New York City for decades. Much of his success can be credited to his ability to think outside the box, often finding opportunities overlooked by his competitors. In his presentation, “There’s New Business Right In Your Backyard,” John will share some tips and ideas to help you uncover new weekday and weeknight revenue services and no, he’s not talking about karaoke, trivia or bars. Check it out. You’re sure to come away with some things to think about as you look for ways to scale your business in 2024!

About John: Few DJs have the longstanding experience and credibility of John Rozz. John was one of the very first regional multi-system entertainment company operators to reach out and share his experiences with other DJs. Through his involvement with Mobile Beat magazine in the ’90s, John became known through out the Americas and elsewhere. His “take it to the next level” approach has opened the door for many DJs to go beyond the typical DJ venues. In addition, John has always remained an active part of his community, and even during the pandemic organized fun, yet socially distanced events, to help his neighbors get through the lock-down. John has been on the road a lot lately, doing some impressive jobs for major clients. We look forward to hearing what he has to share inhis presentation at MEX 2024.


MAGNIFY Your Multi-Op - David Osborne

Tuesday 2/21 — 2PM

Save yourself years of trial-and-error: Learn how to find, hire, train, and retain your next great DJ talent. KEY BENEFITS/TAKEAWAYS 1. Cutting Edge Recruitment + Hiring Strategies (+ Sample Ad) 2. Comprehensive Core Skill Checklists for DJs 3. Intermediate and Advanced Resources to train themselves and their team.

About David: David Osborne is a 16-year veteran in the event DJ industry. His passion for serving others, sharing joy, and taking action make entertainment a natural fit for him. David owns and operates two successful multi op DJ companies (Athens DJ Service, a budget brand, and Sound Insight, a premier level brand) Also he is the founder of a content and coaching program that helps multi op owners standardize and scale their teams. Beyond that David is a frequent presenter and showcase DJ at regional and national DJ conferences, and is the VP of education for the DJ Think Tank.

DJ Edit Secrets: Captivate Audiences with Your Edits, Mixes & Mashups - DJ Cova

Wednesday 2/21 — 3PM

Audio editing opens up a world of creative possibilities for DJs, allowing them to transform existing tracks into their own unique creations.

By cutting, splicing, and rearranging sounds, DJs can create original edits, mixes and remixes that showcase their personal style and musical vision. This ability to put their own stamp on tracks sets them apart from other DJs and establishes their identity as creative artists.

In essence, audio editing is the key that unlocks a DJ’s true potential. It’s the tool that transforms mere track selection into a captivating sonic journey, leaving a lasting impression on audiences and solidifying a DJ’s reputation as a master of their craft.

About DJ Cova:

With over 27 years of experience in the music industry, DJ Cova has established himself as a respected figure in the DJ community. He is now the host of the popular live stream podcast Tweak Music Tips on Twitch. Cova has had the privilege of interviewing top-level music professionals such as A-Trak, Jazzy Jeff, Skratch Bastid, Too Short, Lil Jon, Lady Gaga’s producer White Shadow, Robin S, Cee Cee Peniston, Crystal Waters, and David Morales. In addition to his work as a DJ and podcast host, DJ Cova has also released several records that have charted around the world. His music showcases his versatility and creativity, and he continues to push the boundaries of electronic music. DJ Cova is a true innovator and a passionate advocate for music education.

Cova has also collaborated with major music brands such as Pioneer, Denon, Rane, Rode, Shure, Mackie and many more. His expertise and influence in the music industry have made him a sought-after collaborator and influencer.


"It's Not Better To Burn Out Than Fade Away" - Chris D'Amico

Wednesday 2/21 — 4PM

You can still be burnt out and love what you do!! Burnout is real. Burnout is sneaky. Burnout can affect your life and business. No one is immune. Chris D’Amico will teach you tips and tricks to avoid Burnout ,let you know if you’re in the middle of it, and help you come out of it on top!!!

About Chris: Chris D’Amico is an Entertainer, Musician, DJ, Entrepreneur and Public Speaker from Northern New Jersey. He has been the president of D’Amico Entertainment specializing in his Half live/ Half DJ hybrid show called the DJ Alive show. For over 30 years Chris has performed as a musician in front of all types of audiences from 20,000 seat arenas to 25 seat intimate affairs. As a public speaker, Chris has spoken across the country from Vegas to Chicago, Texas to Tenneseee, and received rave reviews with topics ranging from how to be your best self, rise above adversity, and achieve your business and personal goals. His latest project is a new touring “Yacht Rock” band called “Suit and Mai Tai” playing some of the greatest music from the 70’s and 80’s. Chris has no intentions of slowing down and using his life’s experices loves to entertain and educate.

"The Closer" – Sean "Big Daddy" McKee

Wednesday 2/21 — 5PM

Who better to wrap up the seminar schedule at the 2024 MEX show than Sean “Big Daddy” McKee. As “The Closer,” Sean will be spreading the love and encouraging everyone to think about what they learned during the seminars and to share the best takeways. Big Daddy is known for the love he brings to a room—the energy he brings to the stage literally surrounds the crowd. He is a true entertainer with much to share.

About Big Daddy: Sean “Big Daddy” McKee is the most loved person in the DJ industry. He has presented at every DJ conference in North America. He is a DJ Times “DJ Entertainer of the Year,” a recipient of the ADJA’s “Peter Merry” award and is a recipient of DJ Think Tank’s “Flame of Inspiration.”

His motto is SMILE AS LOUD AS YOU CAN, and just remember BIG DADDY LOVES YOU.

Poker Tournament - Wednesday Night

With over 100 players, last year’s PBX/MEX poker tournament was a huge success! Because it was, they are again giving us our own dedicated poker room (next to the main poker room). It is again going to be on Wednesday night and almost everything will be the same—except the winners (and maybe some will repeat)
A big shout out to Andy Starr of NAME who has been organizing these tournaments from year #1.
To register just go to which also has a bunch of pictures of last year’s tournament. You pay nothing to enter now. All payments are to the casino on the night of the tournament.

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