Update – Nominations Are In…

Posted November 25, 2023:
From MEX/PBX Show producer, Rob Savickis:

I did a scan of the previous MEX Hall Of Fame 2024 announcement and have come across the following names that have been nominated. (At this point I did not verify the seconders and will only vet for the 10 year requirement if they are close to winning) Will this be the list of nominees or are there other names that should be added? Please list your additional nominees below.
Alan, Keith
Berg, Alan
Brannan, Jay
Brech, Jeremy
Bunn, Joe
Cerone, Jim
Cordeiro, Mike
Cosco, Ken
Detken, Karl
Ebon, Andy
Faver, Scott
Ferre, Rob
Ferrell, Mark
Ferrell, Rebecca
Griffin, Jim
Hahn, Nick James
Hermann, Bill
Holding, Peter
Honeyball, Steve
Johnson, James H (Jimmy)
Lehnhard, Chuck
Lichtenwalner, Dean
Lynch, Rachel
MacMillan, Scott
Marshall, Alan
Martin, Joe
Max, Danny
Merry, Peter
Morganstein, Bobby
Peters, Rob DiFazio
Redd, Brian Scott
Ruth, Ron
Scholten, Douglas
Scott, Doug
Taylor, Mitch
Traylor, Aaron


Help Select The 2024 MEX Hall Of Fame Inductees!

Posted November 21, 2023: The MEX Hall Of Fame was initiated in 2023 as a way to honor and elevate those who have made the greatest contribution the DJ industry.

At the 2023 MEX, the diverse list of inductees included Shani Barnett, Randy Bartlett, “Big Daddy” Sean McKee, Michael Buonaccorso, Ryan Burger, Dr. Drax, Dennis Hampson, Bruce Keslar, Robert Lindquist, Ray Martinez, John Rozz, Ben Stowe Mike Walter, and John Young.

In the future, beginning in 2024, we will be inducting 12 more members into the MEX HOF. NOMINATIONS are taking place NOW through December 15, 2023. VOTING will take place from December 15 through January 15.

To nominate a deserving member of the DJ community, GO TO THE FACEBOOK POST by Rob with the MEX logo: “Congratulations to the 2023 winners of the MEX Hall of Fame.” Write the name of your nominee in the comments section and tell us why they should be inducted.

Anyone that legitimately has either 3 nominations or a single nomination and at least 2 seconders will be placed on the ballot. All winners must have at least 10 years of contributions to the DJ industry. You can only be inducted to the list once.